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Toeeson Door Window Alarm

Protect Your Home and Family with Toeeson's 120 DB Door Window Alarm - The Ultimate Safety Solution!

- Loud Alarm: The 120 decibel alarm is loud enough to alert you and your neighbors in case of an intrusion, ensuring that you are aware of any potential danger.
- Versatile Use: These alarms are not limited to just windows and doors. They can also be used on pool gates, cabinets, and other areas where you want to monitor access. This makes them a versatile safety tool for your home.

The Door Window Alarm by Toeeson is the perfect solution for home security and child safety. With a loud 120 decibel alarm, it is impossible to miss when a door or window has been opened. The sleek white design blends in seamlessly with any home decor. The alarm is easy to install and comes with adhesive pads for hassle-free mounting. The alarm is particularly useful for pool doors, ensuring that children are kept safe and away from danger. Protect your home and loved ones with the Toeeson Door Window Alarm.